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Spongy Tissue Disclaimer for Alphonso Mango



Alphonso Mango is a highly celebrated fruit- “The King of Fruit”
Alphonso, the most delicious variety of mango (Mangifera Indica) is known for its excellent texture, taste and richness in vitamins and minerals. Despite its great flavor and taste, this King is not perfect and comes with some internal pulp defect (“Spongy Tissue”).

We would like to educate you about spongy tissue

Alphonso has incidents of a physiological disorder known as “Spongy Tissue” causing internal breakdown of the pulp. It is characterized by unripe, acidic, pale yellow/white corky tissue with or without air pockets associated with an unacceptable off-flavor in certain region of the mesocarp (pulp) adjacent to the endocarp (stone).Fruits affected by this disorder do not show any external symptoms and the malady is detected only after cutting the fruits open.(Please see the reference pictures)

Can you eat mango with spongy tissue?

A mango with white stuff inside should still be safe to eat but will probably be less flavorful.
The rest of the fruit, however, can still be perfectly fine and still certainly edible.

Refund policy on Alphonso Mangoes

For those customers who like to consume Alphonso mangoes despite this Spongy Tissue, Savani Farms takes no financial liability to refund or replace the mangoes.

The purpose of this disclaimer is to educate our consumers about the irregularities associated with Alphonso Mangoes.

There are many delicious varieties of Mango-‘” The King of Fruit” with no incident or very less incident of Spongy Tissue. We love other varieties like “Kesar” Dushehari, Rajapuri, Payri (Pahari), Banganapalli, and many others.

We hope this material is helpful and Spreads the Aroma of Mangoes to your friends and family


Fruitfully Yours

Dr. Savani